Work Work Work

F4 poster design for the Affichage Public «Work Work Work» exhibition in the streets of Geneva, Switzerland.

Affichage Public invited following 8 Swiss graphic design studios to create a poster with the topic «Work»:

Anaelle Clot, Büro Destruct, Futur Neue, Giliane Cachin, Hélas Studio, Johnson/Kingston, Maurane Zaugg. The posters are printed by Duo d'art.

Work: Büro Destruct has delegated their work to the Ai and to the viewers imagination in the streets of Geneva. With this work and this poster design, Büro Destruct wants to stimulate questioning and reflecting on the future of work in a society that is confronted with another disruptive technology as the computer and the internet did some years ago. Büro Destruct hopes and believes, the Ai will establish itself just as another creative and productive work tool, used by human for human.