RIP Postscript Type 1

You probably encountered the blue Adobe notice appearing on the bottom of your screen. It says that Type 1 fonts will no longer be supported in your document starting 2023.

Now we just click «Remind me later» and all is back to normal. But what will actually happen early next year with our layouts including Postscript Type 1 fonts? Adobe explains that Type 1 fonts will appear as «Missing Fonts». Probably they’ll be displayed by a fall-back system font or worse by strings of XXX or ???. Countless of older texts and typefaces will be unreadable. Let’s call it an extinction of language.

There is work-around but a bit of trouble is certain. Hopefully it is only as bad as when Apple decided to diss the CD-Rom drive from their notebooks.

Farewell Type 1 format, it was a pleasure writing with you. RIP PS✝︎1

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In 2021 the complete Büro Destruct font library including our early Nineties Type 1 fonts have been restored to the Opentype format: