Kick Büro Destruct Vol. 4

4th Monograph of Büro Destruct Now Live on Kickstarter!

The new book «Büro Destruct 4» not only presents the best of realized projects of the past 12 years, but also intermediate steps, discards, experiments & inspiration of the Bern-based and internationally renowned design studio Büro Destruct. The Swiss, who see themselves and their studio as a kind of band, again present a skilfully composed album with this new book. Printed in Germany, to be published by Slanted Publisher in June 2021.

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  • Format: 24 × 28 cm (9.4 × 11 in)
  • Volume: 256 pages
  • Language: English, preface also in German & Japanese
  • Printing: Offset with spot color
  • Cover: Softcover
  • Binding: Thread-stitching