Gravity Lander Game

«Gravity Lander» is Büro Destruct’s first game for iPhone, Android and your browser. «Gravity Lander» takes you on a journey of three Cosmonauts cleaning up debris cluttering the Mars bases. The game is free and was developed for the GameCulture programme of Pro Helvetia, the Swiss Arts Council.

What goes up must come down. One way or another. Help 3 Cosmonauts on a not so stellar mission to cleanup debris cluttering the Mars base. Be challenged to land the rocket safely on the Mars base. Vaporize or explode debris out of your way down. Use boosts and tilt to escape a bad course. Acrobatic steering skills and a healthy portion of luck will help you to succeed the missions.

«Gravity Lander Pro» is an extended version of the game with new obstacles and 100 missions to master gravity and debris on Earth, Moon, Mars, Jupiter's moon Europa and Neptune. Imagine circus acrobatics, pinball, gamble, puzzle action fun with a rocket in retro space.






2010 to 2011