Coke Posters

For the «Coke Side of Life» project of Coca Cola we got comissioned by RockAndRoll Agency to create two posters. The mission was to spread an optimistic look at the world and help people realize how contagious happiness is. By combining iconic Coca-Cola images with up-to-date illustration techniques and styles, the artists have given rise to a progressive style of visual expression.

RockAndRoll Agency creatively managed 15 artists/agencies/collectives from around the world:


Idokungfoo, Japan / Vault49, USA / Caos CC, Spain / Adhemas, Brazil / 013a, Romania / Creative XL, India / Extraverage, Hungary / Buro Destruct, Switzerland / Mienandi, Senegal / The Designers Republic, UK / Rex (South Africa) / Todd Alan Breland (USA) / Spinbalon, Venezuela / Pixecute, Indonesia / Armchair & Josh Boston, USA / Fung Wee Lim, Canada.

The artworks were exposed on the SouthBank, London, UK.


  • RockAndRoll Agency