BDD Büro Destruct Designer

«BDD Büro Destruct Designer» randomly generates endless compositions of color and basic graphic shapes like circle and square.

The «BDD Büro Destruct Designer» screensaver just got an update to work with Mac OS X Mavericks and PC Windows 8.

With the «BDD Büro Destruct Designer» desktop application you can alter the compositions in numerous ways. Choose either full random colors or apply harmony rules to your color palettes. Draw shapes, change the gird and turn on/off trancparency. The results can be saved as PNG's or vectorized PDF's.

Initially as a tribute to the godfathers of Swiss Graphic Design, the «Büro Destruct Designer» software became a constant evolution of freeware applications for Mac, Windows and iOS* devices.

* Expect iOS app updates once upon a time.