AnAn Japanese Noodle Bar

«AnAn» is a Japanese noodle bar designed for Autostadt, Germany, the theme park and communications platform of the Volkswagen Group. Hosoya Schaefer Architects won the design competition held by Autostadt GmbH in 2005 and completed the project in 2007. The task was to build a Japanese noodle bar that represents on a small area, a piece of contemporary Tokyo.

The geometric structure developed for the project consists of a series of distorted hexagonal cells organized by a geometric pattern on the floor and the ceiling. The cells are developed and can be inhabited in different manners. They contain a counter (Yatai), or a table (Kotatsu), vending machines, a coat room or plastic food plates as a three dimensional menu column. The space is conceived to be both transparent and filled with a range of different graphics and sensibilities creating a heterogeneous, urban whole.

In addition to the architectural scope, the project developed by Hosoya Schaefer Architects ranged from first gastronomy concepts (developed with Jürg Landert), to the furniture (developed with Quinze & Milan), the graphic concept and corporate identity developed by Büro Destruct, media (developed with Shiftcontrol and Power Graphixx).


  • Hosoya Schaefer Architects AG
  • Autostadt

Japanese graphic artists

Keiko Hirasawa, ​Kentaro «Ani» Fujimoto, Fuyuki, GWG inc, Maniackers Design, Furi Furi Company, Yamafuji-Zuan

Japanese coordination

Junko Hanzawa


Iwan Baan, Udo Meinel

Logotype Animations

Power Graphixx


2005 to 2007