Tribler Book

Published by

  • Büro Destruct
    Wasserwerkgasse 7
    3011 Bern


  • 978-3-033-04711-2




First edition of 650 copies, Hardcover, 96 pages, Languages: English & German

The Tribler book characterizes, documents and catalogs twenty mythical creatures, idols and demons of the Tribler clan, based on text and image material. With a generous dose of humour it reflects on the attitude of the graphic design collective.

The graphic designers from Bern explore their origins and the things that inspired them over the years. According to latest excavations, it seems as if every single Tribler symbolizes a working year of the graphic design collective. This mystery is particularly apparent in the form of artifacts and sources of inspiration on the respective double page after each Tribler character.

With a foreword by Gregor M. Wildermann.