BD CopyCulture Den Bosch

Büro Destruct (CH) at Ruby Soho, Den Bosch, Netherlands.

BD CopyCulture 31. May – 05. July 2024. Opening Friday 31. May, 19:00


Through the centuries and generations, knowledge and work have been passed on, copied, refined and further developed. Also the graphic designs of Büro Destruct were sometimes brutally, sometimes cleverly copied. At the Bossche gallery Ruby Soho, you can now copy and remix Büro Destruct's work on the copier. Use BD's graphic language and create your own unique artwork without infringing copyright and being sued.

By copying, rethinking and developing further, something new is created. With the purely analog process of copying and pasting and cutting, copying and reusing the existing "clipart graphics" can be physically experienced and practiced. Copy yourself a new original at Ruby Soho in Den Bosch.

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