Dark Room

From absolute darkness white graphic shapes appear on electrical paper, like an impulse, in their pure and original form. They light up only briefly – flash like. What remains is the memory of the shape – a graphic echo on the retina of the disorientated spectator in the pitch black room.

Dark Room portrays the beauty of the simple form, embedded in a sea of sound, the mesmerising experience of a graphic big bang. The installation was shown for the first time at the «Biennale Internationale de Design» Saint-Etienne, France in 2006.


  • Biennale Internationale de Design Saint-Etienne
    5 Rue Javelin Pagnon
    Bâtiment I, Site Ceei, Cité Du Design
    42000 Saint-Etienne
  • DESIGNMAI Festival
    Spandauerstr. 2
  • Lighnting Guerillia - Gallery Škuc
    Gallery Škuc